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We accept CC and BTC

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BITSMOKE features the worlds first online smoke shop that accepts Bitcoin.  We feature a variety of glass pipes, water pipes, ash catchers, herb grinders, downstems, and other smoking items you are sure to enjoy.  

BITSMOKE is also a specialty gift shop Bitcoin store.  We have tapestries, posters, torches, digital scales, detox drinks, self defence, and much more!

Be sure to read the privacy policy and customer service pages before placing your order.  If you would like to make a return please click the Orders and Returns link at the bottom of the page.

We accept three methods of payment:


Credit Card

Money Order

With Bitcoin we can accept payment from virtually anyone in the world!  Making a Bitcoin purchase is simple for those who are familiar with the cryptocurrency.  You do not need an account just checkout as a guest and you will be provided a bitcoin address to send the funds.

Every item in our store is in stock and ready to go out the same or next business day.

Free shipping for all orders over $50. (United States Customers Only)

Take your time, browse around our bitcoin store, and feel free to contact us at (888) 506 9990 with questions. :-)